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Priority 1
  • 100% Improvement of the Mentalese parser
  • 100% Make a demo about fear/anger/delight + compressed and bilingual consciousness
  • 99% DB backup of tasks (present_tab and dynamic past_tab)
  • 80% Stabilize the consciousness engine in the English language (record a phrase or relationship)
  • 10% Improved 'common sense' (strongly typed)
  • 10% Confirmation or review what she understood about strategic choice
  • 5% Adding typed variables
  • 5% Lisa can change her depth search parameter to reproduce the concentration
  • Change of cooperation if positive emotion
  • Make search words mandatory in i/io relationships (I could have played with 'I do not understand', and the machine might make the decision to search deeper) = a number of I do not understand
  • If an error in a word, try to switch to an existing word ...
  • Voice learning + truth management
Priority 2
  • 20% Completed the sub-actions
  • 5% Improvement of the map of mental processes ('thank you' at this moment)
  • Improved task manager
  • Direct or indirect learning
  • Learning by generalization
  • Consciousness of the learned + awareness of being learning
  • Self primary stimulation
  • Know the consequences (past and futur)
  • Self-reprogramming strategy
  • Treating the truth (generalized or not)
  • Revision of beliefs
  • Plans management
  • Elevation (double stimulation)
  • To be able to explain: Why?
  • Imagination
Priority 3
  • To know itself
  • Discover the universe / multiverse
  • Insensitive to corruption
  • Altruism and love of others
  • Help living beings
    Home  >  Roadmap (Strong version)
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