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>>> My english is not very good, so all my videos are in french. Sorry... <<<
Quick Start
AI, Analysis and prediction
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
Web Application
ETL (Extract Transform and Load)
W104 - Parse web site automatically
W96 - Encryption functions
W94 - Call a Remote REST Web-Service
W93 - Call a Remote SOAP Web-Service
W92 - Retrieve mail from the IMAP protocol
W91 - Retrieve mail from the POP3 protocol
W89 - File Transfer Through FTP FTPS SFTP
W88 - File Transfer and Execution through ssh
W87 - Scraping web
W86 - Excel File Manipulation
W85 - Generate Microsoft Word documents
W67 - Mathematical and physical constant
W62 - Check data type
W61 - File watcher
W54 - Send mail (SMTP)
W52 - File copy between MentDB server (tunnel)
W51 - Manipulation of text or binary file
W47 - DB SQL export to CSV file
W46 - DB SQL export to JSON file
W45 - DB SQL export to XML file
W44 - DB SQL export to HTML file
W43 - DB SQL export to Excel/Excelx file
W42 - Extract data from a SQL DB (select)
W41 - DML request (insert/update/delete)
W40 - Manipulate SQL transactions
W39 - Export with the generator
W33 - Compression and decompression
W32 - The connection manager
W30 - Import JSON file to DB SQL
W29 - Import XML file to DB SQL
W28 - Import CSV file to DB SQL
W27 - Import Excel/Excelx file to DB SQL
W25 - PDF Export
W24 - Multi-valued strings
W15 - Data transformation
NoSQL (Experience Database)
    Home  >  Demonstration (Weak version)
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